Blog topic. Why should teachers look at schools in other countries? The preschool in three cultures study focused on children from the US, Japan, and China. Of what value, if any, do you think this study is to those prospective US teachers who will almost certainly not be teaching students from China or Japan?

I don’t believe that any country knows the correct way to teach. Each country has different ways to teach preschoolers. Teachers from each of these countries have grown up in all sorts of different cultures so they have been taught to act a certain way. They have been taught to teach kids in a certain way. Usually I can see one country believing they are right over others but I think each country has great ideas and maybe some actually are more effective. I believe that no one way is right. I think that this study is a very great value to those who don’t plan on teaching in China and Japan. Even though they are in entirely different places and cultures I feel that we can learn a great lot by the way they teach. They may have tactics that work on their students where as we can’t get something to work with our students. I think it is a great idea to have other viewpoints on how to work with students or which ways work in situations in the classroom. I think everyone should try to be able to have an experience where they can go to another culture and explore their schooling systems.