I feel like I have been learning so much about cultures other than my own while I have been here and I love it. I feel like once I get home I am going to have a different out look on some things. Well today we went to another mall. By the time we all got to this mall we were extremely hungry. Roberto has a friend from Michigan State who is from Dubai who he wanted to meet at the mall. We found where he was and met up with him. We asked him what his favorite restaurant was and we ate there and let me tell you that it was delicious. Roberto’s friend brought his friend with him so they both joined us. I went over and introduced myself because I wanted to get to know them. They told us about how they have camels as pets and I think that is the coolest thing. I remember someone telling us that it costs around ten thousand dollars to have a camel. Where is their money coming from? How is this even affordable? The friend said he had more than one camel and then he was so kind as to pay for our dinner! It was the nicest thing! There was so many of us though that I don’t get how they can afford all of this when their economy is so bad. On our tour today in Sharjah, our tour guide told us that as of now the big projects are on hold until the economy gets better. He said he estimates it will be better in five years but how would he know that? Did he see all the people in bad areas in Sharjah? There were small bad work places and then you see huge buildings towering in the background. How does this make them look? It shows they are putting their effort into the biggest and bestest of buildings to look fancy but they still have people struggling that they aren’t helping out. What can they do to fix this? How is five years going to do anything for their economy?


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We went to the water park today and I learned a few things about the culture here. First of all I saw something that you don’t see in America. Young girls probably under the age of ten don’t wear swim suit tops. This is something unacceptable in America. I am trying to figure out why it is acceptable here? I was trying to understand this because obviously they have different styles but to me that just isn’t really appropriate. What do you think? Also I noticed that people here don’t question authority like we do in America. Hannah accidentally threw out her ticket to something and they guy wouldn’t look up her receipt he just told her she had to buy a new one. She asked to talk to a manger and she won the argument. I was surprised that people don’t fight for things here. When we went to the beach we met a man who moved here from China four months ago for his job. We wanted to know about his perception on Dubai and what he thought about their culture since he has been here longer than us. He told us that he doesn’t like it here. He told us that the weather kind of stinks since it is all the same. At this time of year I love it but I bet it gets old later on. Then we asked him what he thought about the people. He told me since being in Dubai he hasn’t met many people at all and that they haven’t been very nice to him so hopefully he has a better experience with that. Later we went to Cheryl’s and we asked her friends what they thought of Americans and what do you think they said? Do you think there answer is a correct perception?

Culture from our tour


Today we took a tour on Arabian Horizons tour bus. I learned a lot of things about the Emirati’s culture because our tour guide was Emirati. She told us that every ten years the Emirati’s move further and further in Dubai. This is an odd concept to me because where they move to is where there was desert ten years ago. They just keep building in the deserts and then the Emirati people move there. I was wondering how weird it would be to move to a different country and then come back to Dubai and then there would be all this new land where the desert was before. That is wild to think about. I also learned a lot about the Emirati outfits. They were hijab’s on their head to keep themselves covered. That is part of their religion to keep their body covered but it is their choice when they want to start wearing that and the burqa. This is something that people of most other religions don’t do. I respect these women for dressing in the hijab and burqa because in the summer it gets very hot. We also got to go into a historic house. It was a wealthy Emirati house that the owner now has as a museum for people like us. It was so interesting to see and different then what house are like in Illinois. There is a front room in the house and that has a few windows but only the man of the house is allowed in there with friends and if the man of the house isn’t home you close the windows so people know he is not there. Then you walk down a small hallway and there was a big open courtyard and rooms around it so then the lady of the house and the kids can be free in the fresh air in their own home. It is very different then how our houses are but I thought it was really cool. They then served tea, dates, and coffee to us in the middle of the courtyard while we sat on a carpet that was in sand. I thought it was very cozy and relaxing. I learned that you shake your coffee cup when you don’t want anymore. Also if you are trying to make a fire you use this little fan that they have. I also learned that many Emirati women work. This was surprising to me but it is great that they do. Our tour guide says many of them have jobs because they need the money to help out the man of the house. I learned a lot today and I can’t wait to learn more!

Experience of Culture in Dubai

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The most interesting part of today was how different their culture is from the American culture. I obviously knew it was different but there are so many things that stand out. One thing that is interesting to me is how crazy the taxi drivers are here. Hannah was even starting to not feel well. They got us to our destination but in a faster way than needed. Another thing that was very interesting to me was how rich the people are who live in Dubai and just how rich everything is in Dubai. I know that Dubai is rich but compared to the rich people in the United States it is very different. The people here show off they have money. It is like they want you to know that they are rich. I have never seen so many expensive cars at one mall! The mall also had more designer stores than I even knew possible. In Illinois the people I know that are wealthy don’t show it off. The people I know who are wealthy are all very down to earth people and they don’t always show off their wealth with fashion and accessories. I am not saying that the people here aren’t down to earth but they remind me of people from L.A. where you know they are trying to show off that they are rich. Even the women who wore black covering their outfits you could still see that they had expensive shoes on and had expensive purses. You could assume they were wearing expensive clothes underneath their black too. That doesn’t make sense to me because why would you spend your money on something that no one is going to see. I am glad they are making lots of money but it just seems like they wouldn’t want to show it off but who knows.

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