We went to the water park today and I learned a few things about the culture here. First of all I saw something that you don’t see in America. Young girls probably under the age of ten don’t wear swim suit tops. This is something unacceptable in America. I am trying to figure out why it is acceptable here? I was trying to understand this because obviously they have different styles but to me that just isn’t really appropriate. What do you think? Also I noticed that people here don’t question authority like we do in America. Hannah accidentally threw out her ticket to something and they guy wouldn’t look up her receipt he just told her she had to buy a new one. She asked to talk to a manger and she won the argument. I was surprised that people don’t fight for things here. When we went to the beach we met a man who moved here from China four months ago for his job. We wanted to know about his perception on Dubai and what he thought about their culture since he has been here longer than us. He told us that he doesn’t like it here. He told us that the weather kind of stinks since it is all the same. At this time of year I love it but I bet it gets old later on. Then we asked him what he thought about the people. He told me since being in Dubai he hasn’t met many people at all and that they haven’t been very nice to him so hopefully he has a better experience with that. Later we went to Cheryl’s and we asked her friends what they thought of Americans and what do you think they said? Do you think there answer is a correct perception?