Majesty Yachts

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I thought this place was incredible. Majesty Yachts just sounds like something incredible. When we got there I was just in awe at all the yachts we saw. Like can you believe that people can afford these beautiful yachts? I can’t believe it. After taking a tour of their company we walked past all of the workers going on their lunch break. I was then told information about their workers. They make under eight hundred dollars a month. Which in the United States is not a lot but how much people get paid is still a new thing over there. After talking with people from my trip I realized that the people at this company are actually being exploited. That really surprised me but I never would of thought that. The workers were promised that they would get benefits out of working in the United Arab Emirates. Workers had to pay large amount of money to labor-supply agencies to the countries they were from which then allows them to work in the UAE. This makes no sense to me. Do you think that the workers there are being exploited?


Saadiyat Island

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What do you think of when you see the words Saadiyat Island? I think foreign, new, different and unsustainable. Saadiyat Island is this dream island that is still in the process of being finished. It is going to be one of the top ten most trendy places in the world. The question is will it work? The people who are going to be staying on this island are going to have to be loaded. Emirati people are going to be my first guess of people who want to live there but they can’t all move to Saadiyat island because then what would happen to the Emirates? All the people who are making the businesses prosper there will be gone so the businesses will fail.  I also just don’t understand how the island is going to survive? They say they are going to have schools there but it seems like it will take a long time to get enough students to fill those schools. Another thing that confuses me is how they are going to fill all of the hotels and all their tourists things because with this economy it is hard to get people to spend so much money. What do you think?


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“Our grandfathers and ancestors have left a wealth of cultural heritage we are proud of.”-Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan This quote really stood out to me because it is true. Everywhere you go around the world there is cultural heritage. Not everywhere around the world has culture they are proud of though. Going to Dubai I think they have many reasons to be proud of their culture. Dubai has not been around for an extremely long time so the fact that they have prospered so much it a little amount of time makes it so amazing. If I was from Dubai I would be proud of how fast they have become such an incredible place. When we went to Museums in Dubai and the other States we learned a lot about their history and their heritage. It was great to know that even though they haven’t been a blooming place for along time they still are proud of where they have come from. I am proud of Americas heritage but the fact that Dubai hasn’t been around as long as America makes it that much more interesting. What are your opinions?


Analyzing a quote


“A country’s only true resource is its youth.” -Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan. This is a quote that I really can connect to and I think it is a really inspirational thing that Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan. It is important that the UAE invests in their youth because they are the future generation. I aspire to be an elementary teacher because I want to teach kids and help them learn. I believe that Education is so important because it is teaching the younger generations how to be prepared for the future. Some day the youth will be in charge of the world and we want them to do well and make the world a better place. By making great Education programs and getting good and smart teachers the future will be filled of smart people who can help make things better for the world. The reason that the youth is so important is because the adults now are sooner or later going to get older and then the youth will be the one’s in charge. I really think this is a great quote and everyone should know how important it is to give the younger generations great Education.


Globalization and Sustainability


Today we went to Majesty Yachts. It is right on the edge of the gulf. It is pretty much a warehouse to make million dollar yachts.

The gave us a tour throughout this company showing us each step of making a yacht and how much work goes into it. There is over 1,000 workers working at this company and if I remember correctly there is over 60 different nationalities. The westerners are the people who have the higher up jobs in the company. The guy we met is from Belgium and he was the C.O.O. of the company. He told us how this company has four locations throughout the Emirates. But what if someone wants a yacht in Italy? Well then they will figure it out. They will ship what they need there and finish the project. They get it done for their customers. They also have shipped things to France or Saudia for the prince. They actually even ship yachts to America. They accommodate every different culture. They do this by letting the customer design the yacht themselves. No one yacht is the same. They know that different cultures like different styles and so on so the possibilities are endless. Prices range from 30,000 to 26 million, depending on the customers price range. They custom make the yachts to fit the customer’s needs and the different cultures. There are different requirements for yachts in different countries so they accommodate all the different places. On another note I was surprised by their sustainability. They have workers that get every meal paid for on site and they pay for the workers housing. What better kind of deal would they want? They have a water treatment plant so they can make their own water and water for the yacht. They make all of their own materials so they don’t have to go to other companies because all of their items are custom made and other companies may be expensive. They also didn’t have to worry throughout the economy crisis because majority of their customers will always be customers. They always want to add or change their yacht. These yachts can last up to 80 years, which means this company is making a pretty big profit. They also have a wide range of customers so even if the people who only can afford the 30,000 dollar yachts they stay have the rulers of countries who are buying the 26 million dollar yachts. So what do you think about this company? Would you invest in it?

This is the boat we got to go on and look at!