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“On land and in the sea, our forefathers lived and survived in this environment. They were able to do so because they recognised by instinct and because of their sensitivity to issues relating to their land the need to conserve it.” This quote is also by Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan. This quote I think really relates to how our economy is now. Everyone is freaking out because they think the world is going to end and crazy things like that. In reality we are going through an economic crisis which has happened before in the world so it should be okay if it happens again. Right now we keep building and building in the United States and in the United Arab Emirates because we just want the best. In reality it is not good to keep building because who is it helping? Nobody has money to afford these new structures and at the same time we are destroying our land. The land we have now is good enough for us and we should be happy with it.



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“Nobody can live the present without recalling the past. It is from history that we learn and acquire excellence.” This quote is by Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan. I really like this quote for many reasons. If you don’t learn from your mistakes then how can you succeed? I know that as I have gone through school I have had to make mistakes before I can ever do something completely right. Sheikh Zayed must be talking about the Sheikhs before him. He is in charge so what he does counts and if he messes up it is his fault. If he messes up by doing something another Sheikh has already done wrong then people are going to get mad at him for not learning from them. I believe that the people learn from trial and error. This is something that probably not everyone believes because a lot of people try to be perfect. I feel that if people never make mistakes then when they finally make one they are going to make it a much bigger deal than it really is. You can’t live in the present until you accept what has happened in the past.


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I really like a quote by Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan is “A country is not measured by the size of its area on the map. A country is truly measured by its heritage and culture.” When thinking about this quote I think of not how big Dubai is but how many people are there.

Historical populations
Year Pop.
1963 95,000
1968 180,226 89.7%
1975 557,887 209.5%
1980 1,042,099 86.8%
1985 1,379,303 32.4%
1995 2,411,041 74.8%
1999 2,938,000 21.9%
2003 4,041,000 37.5%
2009 5,671,112 40.3%


I got this chart from wikipedia because I wanted to show how much the United Arab Emirates has grown. This is just showing how sustainable the United Arab Emirates really is. Dubai is only represented by seventeen percent Emirati the rest are all foreign. I think that it is so cool that the majority of the population of Dubai is from other countries. I think Dubai is one of the only places that has so many other countries represented in one places. I think it is great that the United Arab Emirates is trying to preserve their heritage. I think the fact that there are so many other countries that are represented there it gives them so much heritage. I really like this quote and I think that it is great that their heritage is so important.

Dubai Airport

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“As of July 2010, there are over 6,000 weekly flights operated by 130 airlines to over 220 destinations across every continent except Antarctica.”- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dubai_International_Airport This number is astounding to me. At our FedEx company visit they told us that there are over ten million passengers coming through the Dubai airport yearly. That is a crazy amount of people.  “Dubai International Airport will be complemented by Al Maktoum International Airport (Dubai World Central International Airport), a new 140 km2 (54 sq mi) airport that will help handle the influx of travellers well into the future. It began cargo operations on 27 June 2010 and is expected to begin passenger operations by March 2011.”- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dubai_International_Airport   This just shows how much this airport is being used. I am from Illinois and Chicago use to be the busiest airport in the world but that has now changed. If I had my choice I would choose that the Dubai airport is the busiest international airport.

Globalization and Sustainability


Today we went to Majesty Yachts. It is right on the edge of the gulf. It is pretty much a warehouse to make million dollar yachts.


The gave us a tour throughout this company showing us each step of making a yacht and how much work goes into it. There is over 1,000 workers working at this company and if I remember correctly there is over 60 different nationalities. The westerners are the people who have the higher up jobs in the company. The guy we met is from Belgium and he was the C.O.O. of the company. He told us how this company has four locations throughout the Emirates. But what if someone wants a yacht in Italy? Well then they will figure it out. They will ship what they need there and finish the project. They get it done for their customers. They also have shipped things to France or Saudia for the prince. They actually even ship yachts to America. They accommodate every different culture. They do this by letting the customer design the yacht themselves. No one yacht is the same. They know that different cultures like different styles and so on so the possibilities are endless. Prices range from 30,000 to 26 million, depending on the customers price range. They custom make the yachts to fit the customer’s needs and the different cultures. There are different requirements for yachts in different countries so they accommodate all the different places. On another note I was surprised by their sustainability. They have workers that get every meal paid for on site and they pay for the workers housing. What better kind of deal would they want? They have a water treatment plant so they can make their own water and water for the yacht. They make all of their own materials so they don’t have to go to other companies because all of their items are custom made and other companies may be expensive. They also didn’t have to worry throughout the economy crisis because majority of their customers will always be customers. They always want to add or change their yacht. These yachts can last up to 80 years, which means this company is making a pretty big profit. They also have a wide range of customers so even if the people who only can afford the 30,000 dollar yachts they stay have the rulers of countries who are buying the 26 million dollar yachts. So what do you think about this company? Would you invest in it?


This is the boat we got to go on and look at!



Today we went to Fed Ex and we learned a lot about their company. They earned number one for customer service for international Fed Ex’s. The reason that Fed Ex is number one is because they have the best customer service. We got to meet with the customer service department. They talked to us about how devoted they are to their customers. They told us that ninety percent of the time they always answer their calls within twenty seconds. Most companies are not that great. I am so impressed when Fed Ex told us this. Their goal is to make sure the customers as satisfied as possible. One time there was a crisis and some of the planes were overpacked so they didn’t know what to do. They flew in other planes from Europe to help get the packages to their destination in time. The purple promise is to make every customer experience outstanding. I am impressed how devoted they are to their customers and they are also devoted to their employees. When the economy plummeted throughout the world everyone started laying off employees. Fed Ex didn’t lay off employees they managed to keep them. They just moved people to different departments of the company. If they want to work in a different area the company allows that. The company only fires employees if they aren’t fulfilling the job other than that they keep their employees. Fed Ex in Dubai has won so many awards and they are doing very well for themselves and they are the second largest airlines. I believe the Fed Ex in Dubai is sustainable because they managed to survive through the economy crisis. What do you think?



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Today we went to TDIC which means Tourism Development & Investment Company. It is really helping the Emirates economic and cultural growth and it is a great developer of tourism. At TDIC we learned about all the plans they have started in Saadiyat island. This place they are building literally sounds incredible. It is like the UTOPIA!


This is one of the views of the island. It literally blows everything away but I am wondering about the sustainability of this island. I understand that they are trying to make this a place that will attract hundreds and thousands of people but they are building in the middle of a desert. Some of the hotels are surrounded by sand and I don’t think they are thinking about what is going to happen when nature acts the way it does. What will happen when someone is sitting on their patio and a sand storm just takes over? They say this will be one of the most environmentally friendly islands ever but how is that even possible? They put a freaking golf course smack down in the middle of the island and it takes up a big chunk. Do you know how much water a golf course needs? I tried to look up how much it needs but I couldn’t find it. But obviously it is going to be a lot and they don’t have fresh water so before taking care of the golf course they are going to clean the water. That is the only thing running on the island so far and just imagine how much water that is taking up. How is this going to keep the island sustainable when they are going to need water for so many other things!? I also have been thinking about this project and the completion of it. I am amazed at this project. They are building so much and it should all be completed by 2030. That is great and all but do you really think that these buildings will be update by then? I don’t know about that because style goes quickly. Just think about that. Also how are they going to get so many people to live here so they will get the money they put into the project. I just think there is a lot of things they are too confident about. I hope it works out and that this island is filled soon I am just wondering if it will actually work. What do you think?

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