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Class is over! I thought WRA was a very difficult class. I learned so much from it though. I really hope I can 4.0 the class because I have put so much effort into the class and my hard work. In class we had time to work on our final project and the project that we had due at the end of class. I really enjoyed everything I have learned in the classes and I feel that a lot of it will come in handy in later writing classes. I think writing is very important and you need it for almost everything that you do.


WRA week 15 post 1

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I thought the article called “Why did you hire me” was very interesting. CREATE A PROJECT JOURNAL! An important thing that you learn from this class is that you need to create one of these. They are very important. They help you get jobs and help people find you. Information is power. Know what you are talking about. Know your facts before you go into a interview. It is very important to be prepared for a job interview. “The bottom line is this: you are responsible for your own happiness, but you should always be aware of the cost.” This article has a lot of very important topics that you should remember for when you are getting the job you want.

WRA week 15 post 3

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This has been such a hectic week! Freshman year is over a week from today. That is hard to believe! So much has happened this year. So many new experiences and new people and new things. It has been completely wonderful and I have enjoyed every minute of it. I am so thankful to have the opportunity to go to Michigan State. I am really going to miss the people I got really close with this year and even the people I am not as close with. I was friends with a lot of people and they are all really important to me. I hope that I can visit it them during the summer and that they will try to visit me! I really hope I got 4.0’s in all of my classes and if not I hope I did pretty well. I tried really hard and I did my best and thats what matters. Hope everyone has a good summer!

TE 150 post 20

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Blog topic. Why should teachers look at schools in other countries? The preschool in three cultures study focused on children from the US, Japan, and China. Of what value, if any, do you think this study is to those prospective US teachers who will almost certainly not be teaching students from China or Japan?

I don’t believe that any country knows the correct way to teach. Each country has different ways to teach preschoolers. Teachers from each of these countries have grown up in all sorts of different cultures so they have been taught to act a certain way. They have been taught to teach kids in a certain way. Usually I can see one country believing they are right over others but I think each country has great ideas and maybe some actually are more effective. I believe that no one way is right. I think that this study is a very great value to those who don’t plan on teaching in China and Japan. Even though they are in entirely different places and cultures I feel that we can learn a great lot by the way they teach. They may have tactics that work on their students where as we can’t get something to work with our students. I think it is a great idea to have other viewpoints on how to work with students or which ways work in situations in the classroom. I think everyone should try to be able to have an experience where they can go to another culture and explore their schooling systems.

TE 150 post 19

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Blog entry: Your race, your teaching. Imagine yourself teaching in an urban school in Chicago in a class that has nearly 100% African American students. Of the challenges you’ll face, some will be related to your race. Can you describe a couple race-related challenges you are particularly concerned about at this time? Illustrate your concern by sketching some hypothetical situations you might imagine for yourself.

I really enjoyed all of the articles that were assigned for today. In the first article, Still Crazy After All These Years, By Charles Payne, Payne discussed the baggage that each teacher brings with them to the table that usually has to do with race. The baggage that most white bring with them to the classroom I believe is the fear that they are going to be called a racist. They fear that they are going to be judged by the school. Nobody wants to bring baggage with them when they walk into the classroom but it happens. So being a white female teacher I need to be able to leave my baggage behind me when I walk into the classroom. Obviously this is something that I believe is going to be hard to do because everyone has fears and they don’t just disappear but you need to try to leave them outside of the classroom. I am excited to have the privilege to learn how to be able to properly teach in an urban area. I want to be able to do it and I am excited for the opportunity. In one of the articles we read it talks about how there were two black boys fighting and a white teacher breaks them up. One of the boys says something to the teacher about getting his white hands away. The boy says this because he has learned from experience that saying something like this he will get a reaction. The teacher didn’t react in the way the student expected him to which was rather surprising. I think if I was actually in the situation I wouldn’t have known what to do. You want to show your kids that you have authority but also it does offend you when you know that they are specifically trying to make you mad. I want to be able to show my students that I am not against them in any way. Another thing that I read about was how students can think different things if they see a teacher being shy. I feel that I may be shy when I first start teaching not because I am intimidated by them but just because it is scary to do something new. I am going to have to over come that. Another thing that I think may be difficult is some of the cultural differences. It says in one of the articles that the Black teachers were mad when the students wore their hats in school because they are use to back when they were kids and that was completely unacceptable. Versus white teachers who don’t see anything wrong with wearing a hat. I want my students to know I respect them and I want other people in authority to know I respect them too. I may have different ways of showing affection and other things but that is because I grew up in a different culture. I am going to have to adapt to understand how they accept affection and other things.

WRA week 14 post 3

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Last week I was so happy to go home for Easter. I was sick all week with a horrible headache, runny nose, sore throat, ear pain. and a fever. It was horrible and all week I couldn’t wait to see my Family. Friday morning I woke up at 8:31 and my train leaves at 8:30. I was so upset and I called my Mom and I told her what happened and she was going to try to figure something out. I ended up going to Amtrak and finding a bus that left at 12:15. The Schramm’s drove me to the train station at 11:30 and then I ordered jimmy john’s and waited for the train. I just wanted to get home. It got there on time and then I found out there was internet on the train so I was super happy. I was able to do homework! I got into the bus station at around 5:15 and my Mom picked me up. Then we drove home and went to the Good Friday Service at our church. It was very well done! Then the Bonanno’s came over and we all hung out and ordered pizza and beef sandwiches. Then we dyed Easter eggs! It was a blast. I went to bed early because I didn’t feel good though. Then Saturday morning we had a lot of Family Friends come over for our annual Easter egg hunt. A bunch of my Friends came and a lot of Family Friends came and two of the Families I babysit for came. We had an Easter egg hunt for the kids and one for the adults. The one for the adults had alcohol in them! We ate lots of good food and it was nice to see a lot of people! Then everyone left and I got a flower delivery to the house! I was so excited and surprised! I had no idea who they were from. It didn’t say who they were from either. I put them on my desk along with the nice note! Then I figured out who they were from. Then I worked on homework the rest of the day. Then at night I went to Brittany’s house and got to hang out with a lot of my other Friends who were home. Then I went to bed early because I was still sick. Then Sunday aka Easter, we went to church. Before church we got to collect eggs and look for our Easter baskets. After church the Bonanno’s came over. We flew kites and ate lots of food. Our Grandma came over too! It was great hanging out with them! Aurora’s boyfriend Brock came too, and he was super nice. Then I went to bed and Monday I headed back to school on the bus which this time didn’t have internet.

WRA week 14 post 2

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This weeks readings were all about portfolios. We got to look at other peoples portfolios to create our own. I thought it was interesting to see others ways of making a portfolio. I also thought it was very helpful to help us make our own portfolio. I think they can be very complicated and having someone else to get ideas from really can help us. I think that it is great to have papers and other students work to look at as references.

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