Geography and Environment:
In what I have seen and heard about Dubai it seems as though it is always hot there. It will be so nice to be somewhere that I hope is going to be at least sixty to seventy degrees. Cheryl told me that it may not get that hot but everyone else has told me that its going to be really warm so I am hoping for the best.
I am excited to see Dubai because it basically came from nothing. I think it is so cool that Dubai “rose out of the sand”. When I think of Dubai it doesn’t seem like they would have much vegetation but I bet I am wrong. Knowing that Dubai is diverse in many ways like having a desert in one part and a city with the beach in another part I bet they also have some sort of vegetation. I wonder if there is mountains in Dubai because that is one thing that they don’t really bring up much. They talk about how beautiful the city and desert is but they don’t talk about hills or mountains. Maybe there isn’t any but I can’t wait to find out!

From the books I have read and the things I have heard there should be many different types of people there. I learned that Dubai is made up of over 150 nationalities. That is something that is hard to comprehend because I don’t think I even know people from 50 different nationalities. Coming to Michigan State University I was putting myself in a place where there was so many different people from different areas. I am from out-of-state and coming to a big school I wanted the diversity at Michigan State University. I have experienced so much diversity at school already than I am excited for the diversity I am going to see in a different part of the world. I think it will be very cool to listen and speak to people from different nationalities. It is also cool to see what people differently in their cultures. I believe that the Emirates are going to be the upper class in Dubai and I hope we get to meet some while we are there. I am nervous that some of the people aren’t going to like us because were Americans. I think that most people there are going to be very welcoming and I am excited to interact with people who are native to Dubai.

One thing about the government that I think is different is the fact that people who live there sometimes can’t have citizenship. I know America has a problem with illegal immigrants and giving them citizenship but this is a whole different concept and it is something I don’t get so hopefully we can learn more about this. I also am amazed at how religion works in Dubai because it would never work that way in America. If there was an official religion here in the United States people would throw a fit. I think it is really unique how open Dubai is to other religions even though they have one primary religion, Islam. The leaders of seven emirates consists of the Supreme Council and then the seven rulers elect the Council of Ministers. The proposed laws of UAE are reviewed by an appointed forty member Federal National Council. The government of Dubai does not follow the federal court system. The government of Dubai practices both Islamic and secular systems of law for criminal. Something interesting is that Dubai owns a veto power over critical matters of national importance in the UAE. America and Dubai’s government is somewhat similar but we don’t have rulers like they do. America has presidents and I think it would be kind of strange if we ever had a ruler.

When I have heard about Dubai I always hear about how much they are growing and how their prospering so much. They are making so much money from all the oil they have there which is a plus because then gas is cheap. In reality, they have also been hit by the recession but I don’t think they are struggling that much. Dubai is prospering from all of the oil but also from all of their real estate and trading. There are so many people in Dubai from different places in lifestyles so they are going to want houses that fit their needs. Of course they are also going to be big traders with lots of different items. The fact that Dubai is growing makes it so attractive to people. All the tourists and people coming to live in Dubai is going to bring Dubai money too. It is going to be interesting to see how the economy affects Dubai. I know it is not going to be all rich so I think it would be cool to see the different areas of wealth. Going to the malls will be interesting too because they are supposed to be really high-class which is going to be weird since the whole city probably isn’t all upper class.

I have never traveled to another country before so the fact that many different languages are spoken including English is a plus. I think it would be so cool to travel to a different country where all they speak is anything other than English. That way you are forced to learn the language. I think that would be such a cool opportunity because then you get to learn the “slang” of their language and not just the official language of that country. Something that is cool about Dubai is that you can use English. Even though I think it would be a great experience having to speak a different language I am happy we get to use English. The main language that I think of when I think of Dubai is Arabic. I think it would be cool to listen to people speak in Arabic but I don’t know if I will encounter that. Since there are so many different language spoken in Dubai I am going to try to keep track of all the different languages I hear while there.

I am so excited to travel to Dubai and experience everything it has to offer. It is going to be something so different from what I am used to. I can’t wait to go and do everything that we possibly can while there!