TE 150 post 16

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Describe how your own middle school development might relate to Coll & Szalacha’s ecological model.

“One study found that children in such dissonant classrooms often experienced a lower sense of self-esteem.” I know that in my math classes throughout middle school I always dealt with lower self esteem. I didnt want to tell my friends how I did on a quiz because I didnt want them to think that they were better than me and so on. I grew up in a neighborhood that always had activities going on and things to get involved with so like they said I had a very social behavior. It also talks about how the media plays a big roll in development when you are in middle school. I could agree with this because I definitely remember wanting whatever cool things were on tv because it would make me look cooler to my friends. I believe that where you grow up plays a big way in how you interact with others. If you grow up in a unsafe area where your parents make you stay in the house all the time you are bound to be anti social. If you grow up in a community of activities you are going to be more outgoing. I also believe that what students see in the media also influences how they interact and grow. You may learn from things you see so you need to be careful.



WRA week 3 post 3

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I had a great first semester. I have met so many people that have made an impact on my life. I want to be an elementary education teacher. I believe college is such an important step in our lives. I want to change students lives so I need to be able to teach them. I am an a urban education program so that I know how to teach an area with less resources. I believe that sooner or later all schools are not going to have a lot resources so we need to be able to be prepared to teach them with what is in the classroom. I think that a teacher is such an important job.

WRA week 3 post 2

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I thought the article “Memo to students” was very informative. “Only 51% of all high school students who took the college entrance exam are prepared for college-level reading, according to a report released last month by the American College Testing Program (ACT). Essentially, anyone deemed “ready” has a 75% chance of earning a grade of C or higher and a 50% chance of a getting a B or higher in reading-intensive college classes.” This is a sad statistic. I feel that high schools should prepare their students more for college. I think that colleges take students that are not as prepared for school as they should be. I feel like this statistic needs to be changed. I want to be a teacher so hopefully I can change this statistic.

WRA week 3 post 1

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Ten Mistakes writers don’t see was a good article. Repeat is one thing that is important for writers. I have noticed that I tend to repeat words when I am typing papers. Something that I tend to do is write something like, and and. This is problem and usually when you read over your papers you can’t always catch your own mistakes. I think this is something that you have to learn to do. Another important thing to learn is show, don’t tell. I think this is important because when someone says that house was cool, this is not a good description. You need to say something like it is a nice house because and then you need to describe it. I thought this article has a lot of good facts that are important for papers.

WRA week 2 post 3

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I didn’t know I didn’t post something for this week. This must of been back in January. January was also a really busy time because I just got back from Dubai and I had a lot to work on and get done. I really had a great time in Dubai. I would love to travel everywhere if I could. i think traveling is so much fun and it is such a great learning experience. I think that being able to study abroad really helped me grow as a person. I would love to have the opportunity to do it again. I think that just having the chance to be with other college kids and be in a classroom outside of the country just opens up so many doors for learning. I think that be able to learn about another culture and explore what they have to offer is such a great thing. I am thankful for every moment I got to spend there.

WRA week 11 post 1

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We didn’t have class this week as well so I spent my time reading the articles. I learned about in text citations that you need to always capitalize proper nouns. You need to make sure you capitalize and italicize titles. If you are directly quoting make sure you put the page number. I also learned about paraphrasing and different ways of quoting and how they need to be done throughout my paper. It is all pretty confusing but I think I am starting to get the hang of it. It would be nice if research papers weren’t this hard but they are so I am trying my best!

WRA week 10 post 3

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Hmm what did I do last week. Last week was a pretty busy week. I have a geography exam I was studying for and I am still studying for and I am really nervous about it. I have a really hard time memorizing things but I am trying so hard for this exam because I really want to do well so I am hoping for the best. I am just going to keep working my butt off. Last week I also was working on this Education project and we had to work really hard and make a video and interview people for it. We wanted to learn how stereotype threat affects students motivation to learn. It is a very interesting topic to research and we got a lot of good information. I am impressed with how well my group has worked and I  hope we get a good grade on it. This past weekend was a pretty late night weekend. I stayed up pretty late trying to get the finishing touches on my WRA paper. I think it is pretty good and now I need to edit it. I really am proud of the amount of effort I put into this paper so I hope I get a good grade!

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