Blog entry. Promoting and inhibiting environments. Think of home, school, social life, and media. Give examples of how each context can be promoting or inhibiting for urban students.

The environment can promote and inhibit urban students. Home, school, social life ¬†and media have different ways of affecting urban students lives. First lets start with a child’s home life. Home is where children grow up and become the individual that they are. If a child grows up with a dysfunctional family like having divorced parents, being abused, or being neglected it will affect them majorly. It will affect their motivation in school if they don’t have parents pushing them along the way. At the same time home life could be a good thing because the parents who didn’t get a good education could try to push their child to do better than they did and achieve much more. Another thing that affects urban school children is the schools they go to. A lot of teachers are scared to work in a urban area because they think that they will get picked on by the students and other things that aren’t true. Teachers don’t want to work in urban areas because they wont get paid well. This sucks for the students going to these schools because they are missing out on the best education they could have because the good teachers don’t want to work there. At the same time the students going to these school may work their hardest to prove to people that they can still do well. Social life is something that can go either way. If a student lets their friends affect them negatively by joining gangs or doing things illegally then yes, their education is going to be affected in a bad way. if they allow themselves to be around friends who work hard and are ambitious with their school work then they will do well and it will impact them in a good way. The media is also another thing that could affect these students. If they see on the TV how students in Urban areas don’t do as well as other students that may make them mad but then at the same time they could prove the media wrong by doing excellent on their test scores.