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I thought the article 10 tips for a killer presentation was pretty interesting. The first tip about not abusing your visuals is really important. I talked a lot in my reflection about how I love using pictures and bullet points because that makes your project straight and to the point. You don’t want to have too much information because then no one is going to want to read your project. The second rule has to do with looking at your audience. it is important to make eye contact. When you do this the audience knows you are talking to them. It also makes you seem more confident. The third rule has to do with showing your personality. You want your audience to be able to get along with you. The next rule is you want to make your audience laugh. If you can make your audience laugh that shows that you aren’t nervous. You don’t have to be a comedian to make your audience laugh you just need to try to be confident and have fun! Then the next rule has to do with talking with your audience and not at them. This kind of goes along with a few of the other rules. You need to interact with your audience to keep them interested in your presentation. The next rule has to do with being honest. You don’t want to present stuff that your audience wants to hear, you need to present stuff that you believe. Then next you need to know to not over prepare. Over preparing will make it sound like you practiced too much and that you are just reading from your note cards. Next, try to walk around the room a little bit. If you stand in one spot the whole time you are going to look boring. The next rule you need to remember is to be careful of what you say. Try not to say like and um a lot because people can really notice that and it is annoying. Rule number ten is to differentiate yourself. Be unique and do something fun with your presentation. I learned a lot from this website and a lot of it was stuff I knew but more was added on to it.


WRA week 13 post 3

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I had such a busy weekend this past weekend but I enjoyed it to the full extent!  Thursday night I worked on a lot of homework so I could get it all out of the way for the weekend. Then on Friday I made sure to clean up our room and then I went and hung out with my friends on my floor. It was a boy on my floors birthday so we were all hanging out and I made him signs to decorate his door. He is a really nice kid and we were all having a good time. Then at like 2:40 I left to go help set up for Relay For Life. I was not dressed for the weather that is for sure. When I got there we started setting things up but we weren’t allowed on the track until 5 pm because the track team was practicing. This was a little annoying because people could start coming to Relay at 6 pm. We had people blow up balloons and tie them to this really long string so we could attach it to the sides at the bottom of the stage. This was a big process  because the balloons like to blow away in the wind. One of our balloon strings blew away in the wind. We worked for about two hours making that balloon string. At like 4:15 I walked back to Brody to get warmer clothes because it was so cold out. I came and hung out with the birthday boy, Jake and the rest of my friends for like half an hour to warm up. Then I came to my room and borrowed some gloves and an ear warmer thing from Dorothy. I made some Mac and Cheese and then said bye to the group and then trekked out back into the cold. Once I got back to Relay we finished setting everything up and then people started coming in. We couldn’t let them in till six so we had to stand and block them for awhile. Then once everyone came in we started with the opening ceremony and we let all the survivors walk around the track. It was very touching and after they walked around once they all stood in the middle and let their purple balloons fly up in the air. Then we started the event and everyone was allowed to walk around the track. The first activity was the activity I was in charge of and that was an ice cream eating contest. Not many people wanted to participate because it was so cold out but I had a some people do it so it was fun. There was this one little girl who did it and she was dancing all around and it was adorable. Then I had a friend do it too and then a few of the committee members just ate the rest of it because no one else wanted to do it. After that I went and helped at the bake sale. Not a lot of people wanted desserts either but we tried are best to sell them and we got some people to buy some. It was really cold and rainy, oh and windy out so it was an adventurous night. We had lots of fun activities and food to entertain people. Then at around ten pm we had the luminaria ceremony. It was so windy that we couldn’t light the candles but it was still really cool. It is a very emotional ceremony and I cried during it. I texted a few of my friends from back home because I usually do Relay For Life with them so I missed having them there with me. Then after that was over they kept having games go on and other activities while people still walked the track. Since it was still raining and cold and windy a lot of the teams left. I was getting pretty tired but I was so happy to be there and help out that I was still having a great time. Greg called everyone to the stage and we all didn’t know what the surprise was but then he brought his girlfriend Kelly up to the stage. They are both on the committee for Relay For Life and they have been in it since high school.  They have been dating for five and a half years and it is really cute. On stage in front of everyone at Relay, Greg proposed to Kelly and she said yes and it was the cutest thing ever. Then we kept hanging out outside even though the weather wasn’t the best. The activities they had plan were a lot of fun! They had Mr. Relay which is always funny and then there was a dodgeball tournament which didn’t get to happen because it was so windy and then we had a food factor which we didn’t have many participants because the food was really gross but it was still fun! I thought everything we did was a blast. At around 2 am Ben came and visited me! That made me really happy! I am friends with a lot of the people on the committee but none of my close friends did Relay so it was nice to have one of my close friends come visit! We talked for like an hour and then I told him to go back to the dorms and go back to bed. It was nice hanging out with him though. Then the power went out because of the high winds and we thought they were going to have to cancel Relay. The police came and figured out how to put the power back on so Relay was saved! I don’t think I fell asleep the whole night and if I did it was for a minute tops. By seven am when we did the closing ceremony there was only about six tents left and we were so proud of those people. By the time I went to bed it was 8 in the morning. I woke up at 11:30 and had some breakfast then went to bed, then woke up and had some dinner and then went back to bed and then some of my friends down my hall woke me up and then we all hung out for a good fun night before we are going to spend out next few weekends studying. I had a really great weekend!

WRA week 13 post 2

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This week in WRA we focused on working on our remixes. I had such a busy week last week that I didn’t get a lot of it done by class so my outline wasn’t as filled out as it should of been. After class on Wednesday I worked super hard on my remix. I am really proud of it. I put in lots of pictures and made it very colorful and inviting to whoever wants to read it. I think that college freshmen would enjoy it and I think it is something that they can relate to and maybe even want to read. I like that we were given the opportunity to present our project in a different way and that less us be creative in ways that we like to be creative. I really enjoyed this project and I think I did a good job.

WRA week 13 post 1

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I read “Remember that email is permanent- and searchable” MSNBC article from 1 August 2007. I really enjoyed this article. I thought it was very interesting to think about how anyone can find emails that you have typed a long time ago. When I went to Dubai over winter break we had to make a twitter to talk about the companies that we visited while we were there. Some of the people in my class didn’t want to use their personal twitter accounts because they had personal information on there accounts. Our professor said that was fine but they shouldn’t have anything on there that they wouldn’t not want anyone to read. There are archives on the internet that pretty much keeps everything thing you have ever done on the internet. This really surprises me because it is astounding to think about how much those archives must hold. I think that when people send emails they need to be even more careful with what they say because a lot of emails can be professional and people can turn their backs on them and say that something they said sounded stupid or what not. I use my email account daily but you really need to proofread and make sure you aren’t saying anything you wouldn’t want anyone to not read. Be careful when you are on the internet!

TE 150 post 18

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Consider specific school or teaching practices associated with any of these schools. How might these practices be understood in relationship to other systems in the ecology of these schools. This is Bronfenbrenner’s ecological lens and I’d like you to try to use it. How do these practices relate to other systems in this schools ecology? For example, how is the all-boys Urban Prep Academy a response to something in Chicago environment? What are your opinions of the way these schools have responded?

Chicago Public Schools really makes a difference in how we look at the schools in urban areas. The students at these schools really valued their education. I know that some kids at the schools I went to would of rather been at home. The kids in these areas are sometimes even scared of their homes and they would rather be at school. To see so many young kids happy and enjoying their learning experience is wonderful. Even though all the schools we saw were in urban areas the teachers and faculty held their students to pretty high standards. They weren’t lenient because their school wasn’t in the best area. They expected their students to work hard and do above and beyond because they are given this opportunity. Each school we visited in Chicago each had goals for their school. The main focus was mostly students doing well academically.  A lot of the schools were lacking a lot of resources and that is something important in making a school run. Some of the schools had history books from the 1990’s which is not up to date information. That means the teachers have to be more creative and find different resources. Even though there is a lack of resources the students still need to learn with what they have in the classroom. From listening to the radio talks and reading information online I found out that each of the schools had practices that relate to the environment that their school is in. At Urban Prep Academy, one of the practices that relates to the ecology of the system of the schools is by having uniforms. Uniforms helps them get out of how they act outside of school. A lot of the students don’t have good home lives so coming to school and putting on this uniform is helping them stay focused. We also learned while at the schools that uniforms are for success. They are now ready and dressed for the work world. They are presentable males when they wear their school uniform. Another ecology practice I asked about when viewing the school is that of all the teachers, they were predominantly male. I was kind of surprised about this. I asked our student who was touring us why this was and he told me because then they have a man to look up to. This is relating to home life because for some of the students, they don’t have a man to look up to in their household. This helps give the boys at Urban Prep a male role model since they are boys they need a boy to look up to. I did see one woman teacher there which surprised me but I was glad because they need to still be accepting of woman teachers.

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Blog entry. Promoting and inhibiting environments. Think of home, school, social life, and media. Give examples of how each context can be promoting or inhibiting for urban students.

The environment can promote and inhibit urban students. Home, school, social life  and media have different ways of affecting urban students lives. First lets start with a child’s home life. Home is where children grow up and become the individual that they are. If a child grows up with a dysfunctional family like having divorced parents, being abused, or being neglected it will affect them majorly. It will affect their motivation in school if they don’t have parents pushing them along the way. At the same time home life could be a good thing because the parents who didn’t get a good education could try to push their child to do better than they did and achieve much more. Another thing that affects urban school children is the schools they go to. A lot of teachers are scared to work in a urban area because they think that they will get picked on by the students and other things that aren’t true. Teachers don’t want to work in urban areas because they wont get paid well. This sucks for the students going to these schools because they are missing out on the best education they could have because the good teachers don’t want to work there. At the same time the students going to these school may work their hardest to prove to people that they can still do well. Social life is something that can go either way. If a student lets their friends affect them negatively by joining gangs or doing things illegally then yes, their education is going to be affected in a bad way. if they allow themselves to be around friends who work hard and are ambitious with their school work then they will do well and it will impact them in a good way. The media is also another thing that could affect these students. If they see on the TV how students in Urban areas don’t do as well as other students that may make them mad but then at the same time they could prove the media wrong by doing excellent on their test scores.


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I am so stressed this week because all of my classes are starting to give us a lot of homework and exams and what not since we only have a month left of school. On Friday at four in the morning my Education class is taking a field trip to Chicago and I am super excited. It is going to be really cool to explore the schools in the city. We have to dress up for the bus ride so that may stink but I hope the trip will  be a lot of fun! I am going to try to get a lot of homework out of the way so I wont have a lot to do over the weekend but we will see because this week is a very busy week.


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