Last week I was so happy to go home for Easter. I was sick all week with a horrible headache, runny nose, sore throat, ear pain. and a fever. It was horrible and all week I couldn’t wait to see my Family. Friday morning I woke up at 8:31 and my train leaves at 8:30. I was so upset and I called my Mom and I told her what happened and she was going to try to figure something out. I ended up going to Amtrak and finding a bus that left at 12:15. The Schramm’s drove me to the train station at 11:30 and then I ordered jimmy john’s and waited for the train. I just wanted to get home. It got there on time and then I found out there was internet on the train so I was super happy. I was able to do homework! I got into the bus station at around 5:15 and my Mom picked me up. Then we drove home and went to the Good Friday Service at our church. It was very well done! Then the Bonanno’s came over and we all hung out and ordered pizza and beef sandwiches. Then we dyed Easter eggs! It was a blast. I went to bed early because I didn’t feel good though. Then Saturday morning we had a lot of Family Friends come over for our annual Easter egg hunt. A bunch of my Friends came and a lot of Family Friends came and two of the Families I babysit for came. We had an Easter egg hunt for the kids and one for the adults. The one for the adults had alcohol in them! We ate lots of good food and it was nice to see a lot of people! Then everyone left and I got a flower delivery to the house! I was so excited and surprised! I had no idea who they were from. It didn’t say who they were from either. I put them on my desk along with the nice note! Then I figured out who they were from. Then I worked on homework the rest of the day. Then at night I went to Brittany’s house and got to hang out with a lot of my other Friends who were home. Then I went to bed early because I was still sick. Then Sunday aka Easter, we went to church. Before church we got to collect eggs and look for our Easter baskets. After church the Bonanno’s came over. We flew kites and ate lots of food. Our Grandma came over too! It was great hanging out with them! Aurora’s boyfriend Brock came too, and he was super nice. Then I went to bed and Monday I headed back to school on the bus which this time didn’t have internet.